An Orphan’s Dream

She wakes me early with a smile
And she holds my head so high:
“Don’t you ever let anybody put you down
‘Coz you are little angel”of mine
Then she makes something yummy and warm for me to have
‘Coz it’s chilly out there, she thinks
Then she walks with me to school

though I ain’t no fool
I just think my mum is amazing
She makes me feel
As if I can do anything
And when she’s around me
There’s nowhere else I’d rather like to be
After school, she’s stands by the gate
I’m so glad that I just needn’t wait

To rush home to tell her how my day
Eat the yummy food only that my mum makes
Then I wind her up ‘coz I don’t want to bath
No matter what I say, she gets her way
and make me do her say

I think my mum is amazing, amazing
When the dusk falls she tucks me into bed
And I wrap my arms around her head
Then she tells me a tale of a child far away –
Who became a princess one day

I’m so happy  that I am with her
So she lies in bed with me
As I close my eyes and think

How lucky am I
To have a mum that’s so amazing and
Then I wake up in the morning ,she’s not there
And I realise she never was,it was all my dreams
And I’m still here in this lonely orphanage to be what I am to be
With so many just like me in the lonely orphanage

And as my dreams begin to fade where might my mom be
I try hard to look forward to my day and feel the pinch astray
But there’s a pain in my heart that’s a craving:
How I wish I had a mum that’s amazing, amazing
Would be amazing! would be amazing
But my lonely eyes see the sky
To see where god placed her,
I wish she comes every night
To give me my delights ,and
I would say again my mom is amazing…

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Event 12 :Life Giving Home Charitable Trust

Hastadharan Team came around to Life Giving Home Charitable Trust in Sriperambudur, to affix one more gem to the coronet of hastadharan’s safari account.

Life Giving Home Charitable Trust shelters the orphans and takes care of 30 children from the age group of 5 to 14. This trust is having its one more division located in Ayanavaram. Each dwelling accommodates 15 children. It encompasses the provision of nutritious food, shelter and clothing for the children.

Children are given the finest education in CSI corporation school of Sriperambudur. Summer camps are arranged for the kids where they have the full freedom of play indoor as well as out door games. Work of art is another indulgence which is prominently encouraged. Kids are given a huge box full of colors to elicit their thoughts on the piece of paper. Many more extra curricular activities are also made a part.

The orphanage revealed the sumptuous backing offered via some foreign group by flaunting the facilities including swimming pool, trekking games, swings, slides, see- saw etc .

The care takers pay special attention on the kids and make them feel at home with there tender love and affection. They give them what they need – Support, Love and Hope.

Our team with its motive to bring a smile on these kids face spent almost half a day with them, a blissful day.


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Home we have visited…..

IN the last twelve months we have visited 12 homes located in various corners of this city and here is the address of the orphanage.


1, Ashram St, Murugambedu,
Chennai, INDIA.
Ph: 044- 26580790 / 044-26864607

2.Udavum Ullangal Illam
No: 9 west karikalan 2nd Street
Chennai – 88
Ph: 044- 22672236 / 044- 22673338

3.Compassion Children Home
No: 8, Lotus Street,
Shakthi Nagar,
Adambakkam, Chennai-88,
Ph No: 988433972 / 9381074974

4.Sri Saradha Seva Ashram,
C/O Sadhu Yoga Kumar
No: 1/3, North Mada Street,
Land Mark: Near to Mannivakkam post office,
Phone no: 9840055354 / 9940208225.

5.Christ Faith Home For Children
No: 3/91, Mettu Colony,
Land Mark: Near to Manapakkam EB office,
Phone no: 044-22520588/65494647.

6.Mahalakshmi Foundation
21/10, 2nd Street
Kamaraja Nagar, Avadi
Chennai- 600 071
Tamil Nadu, INDIA
Phone: 91-44-26557442

7.Aathiswar Orphanage Home

2/314 Swami Nagar
2 nd Street
Chennai- 48

8.Saraswathi Ammal charitable Trust

C/O Hemalatha
Old no: 75, New No: 41
2nd Street, Korattur, Chennai
Phone no: 9962513727

9.Bosco Illam
C/o Fr. Andrews
No: 6 Tharuvapalli Street
Krishna Murthi Nagar
Errukancherri – 118
04425352101/ 9444749309

10.Solaman Home for children
C/O Nalini
Old no: 13, New No: 78
4thCross Street, Anbu Nagar (Near Velan nagar),
Chennai – 87
Phone no: 9940053953

11.Nethaji Mercy Home
No.12, Pandithurai Street
Velacherry, Chennai – 600 042
Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone no: +91- 98413 35951

12.Life Giving Home Charitable Trust
Door No: 368, VGP Ramajunam Town
Vadamangalam Village
(Opp Nokia Company)
Sriperambudur, Chennai
Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone no: +91- 9884095418


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Event 11 Nethaji Mercy Home

Nethaji Mercy home in velachery, domicile of 20 kids, impressed many of our members। The two storeys home has all the amenities required for breathing. It gives an impression that the caretakers are undertaking whatsoever probable by them for these children.

The children are being educated in Guru Nanak School and a government school which are at walk able distance from the home। The kids here are also being trained in yoga and dance. The troop of these broods has staged for many corporate events.
Every Year the custodians plan to take these kids on excursions during the summer holidays based on the reserves they can formulate in the entire year। These expeditions aid in killing their monotony and also make these kids aware of the world around them.
The care takers are able to make the kids feel at home. Furthermore they are functioning in the direction of shaping their future with the funds donated by the philanthropists and the sponsorship from the corporate for staging the dance shows.

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Atithi Devo Bhava ???

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All over the world we Indians are known for our hospitality. We were taught the golden verse ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ in our childhood itself. But after hearing certain incidents frequently, I feel it seems our age old principle\value is only applicable for our friends\relatives who is visiting our house. The attacks on our foreign guests, weak minorities made me think about this. Though our Medias are busy condemning, accusing Australian attack on Indians, unfortunately they ignored\sidelined most of the attacks towards the foreign tourists in Goa (a major tourist hub of India) and other parts of India. Last week a 9 year old Russian girl molested by a couple of domestic tourists. It was such a disgusting incident. I just don’t understand what made those creatures to be aroused by a small kid. Last year another case registered against a high profile politician.

It is unfortunate to hear that not only tourists but also foreign NGO activists also assaulted. Many of these foreign NGO activists are in there early twenty’s (one main thing to be noted). When we enjoy our life in pubs, cinemas, with friends, tours or whatever; these people are working on our slums, orphanages, rescue peoples from brothels and child laborers\beggars(when we don’t even bothered about these underprivileged peoples) . Do they deserve something better? Even though we don’t honor them, don’t we have responsibility to offer them a safe life? When we behave like in this manner to our guest, can we expect a better hospitality from there country (Forget about the income we are receiving through tourism).I am against the attack towards Indians in abroad (though there is few reasons behind these attack in Australia which our media dutifully ignoring).But before slamming down, protest against these attacks don’t we have a responsibility to ensure safety and better hospitality for our guests.It is better to pay attention to the plank in our own eye before looking at the speck of sawdust in our neighbor’s eye (verse courtesy – Mathew 7:3).


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Heads you lose Tails you lose

Yes it is a strange title but it is true for any one born with wooden spoon.

A child born bright and exceptionally endowed is admired and perceived by all the people around him. They may be friends, teachers or any one knowing him. They contemplate that this child will accomplish whatever he/she hanker after. But many times as the child grows up these same people are flabbergasted to find him/her doing the meanest of trade for his/her endurance.
Why this does happens?
Is it a strange case?
No, it is recurrent in our society and, you who is reading this article may have come across people in plenty like this.

Why this happens, is the child at fault in ravaging his/her flair?
Perhaps it is can be true, if so also this may be a rarity.
What comes to my mind for such circumstances is that being impoverished all through his/her rearing is the focal cause for this. Lack of money, lack of needs strangulates a person’s dreams. The harsh state of affairs makes life so difficult that dreams get the back seat in mind and slowly vanish. What matter at that time is Money, however you get, from wherever you get.

Being born poor is not a person’s fault but dying poor is truly his/her fault. But making money through ways which presently propels you for money rather than inner pleasure is sheer waste. Doing a job for money which you never want to do, is like committing murder, murder of your dreams for the sake of money. You may become richer undertaking this but in the long race you are a loser.

The world today is very competitive, born with a silver spoon gives you an edge over a person born with a wooden spoon. There are always exceptions, but these exceptions are the rarest of rare, might be 1%. So let’s be practical. Money isn’t everything in world but it is something which will drive you to do things you would like to do and thus be a winner in life.

Abraham Maslow theorized that there are 5 levels of human needs. The highest level being the self actualization where the person is able to do things at full potential and with creative expression and the lowest level where gratifying hunger, shelter and clothing need is paramount.

There are many out there in our society amongst us who call for our monetary help to slowly climb the five levels of human need.
Let’s bequeath a helping hand to those endowed offspring’s to achieve and execute things that they would like rather than talking in future about the pathetic condition of their life and the dream which had died for the sheer need of money।

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Event 10 Solomon HOme

Hastadharan during the month of February visited Solomon home located in the interior part of valsaravakam.

Solomon home a two storey building appears to be a satisfactory home for 30 odd children.

We had a wonderful time there with the children playing and being audience to their dance for the foot tapping numbers of the latest Tamil films. The children showcased the same steps shown in the songs and it is apparent that these kids are excellent learners. None of the kids had any inhibition rather they all were eager to demonstrate their flairs; only stopped to have their lunch.
Kids are imparted education in private as well as government institutions. The children studying in kodambakam schools have to travel a long distance.

The home is coping with the funds that they acquire from the well wishers and the donors.

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